Use the /map command to select or suggest the map on CnCNet (you must be inside of a game room)

2015-04-19 23:58  /map f511829eb2e6365f29b48c76912db205c3515bd9  (Observers) Little Big Lake (2)

2015-07-15 01:55  /map f7cd2130ebd7a09324cab4cdfbc0a0781a832041  Little Big Lake Godfather

2016-02-27 20:20  /map 6d50c4e17a14b579c287cea471e96ba9515848bd  Little Big Lake (3) Smart Ai (RUS)

2017-08-08 08:41  /map 7abc6ed1c04154bfad8fcee0e726458b636a4a54  Little Big Lake (4) Smart Ai (RUS) Expert v3

2017-08-08 08:41  /map 8446bd12b6c25e388266c3fe5e3b3c5e685346fa  Little Big Lake (3) Smart Ai (RUS) v1.2

2019-03-06 15:54  /map bae150b48664e172eb004286a9efa8e85401921f  little big lake snow v1

2020-01-22 08:51  /map 3bcae8bf0642bb17025750387a78f8e76a331bee  Little Big Lake v1.1 Gam001